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Many MSP’s or technology consultants who want to build a White Label VoIP business know they need a platform and a way to bill customers.

But what about taxing VoIP? There are tens of thousands of taxing jurisdictions that apply to VoIP. Will the internet for clients be reliable enough for carrying VoIP? Is there a failover option if the primary connection goes offline? 

Catapult by Altaworx provides everything you need to build your business in one place. Learn more below.

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White Label VoIP 

Are you able to brand the VoIP solutions you deploy to your clients?

With the Altaworx White Label VoIP solution, not only can you use your brand for the platform but also for billing and connectivity. Even if you already have a feature server, you can use Altaworx SIP trunks to provide transport to the PSTN.

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Are you managing your customer networks and not providing the connectivity on those networks? 

A perfect complement to Altaworx Hosted VoIP is Altaworx connectivity services which can include broadband, fiber, point to point, and LTE Failover connectivity.


Do you struggle with the automation of invoicing your customers for all the recurring services on a monthly basis?

Catapult can integrate with recurring billing platforms that invoice customers for recurring services, process call detail records for usage-based billing, and collect receivables via ACH and credit card from your recurring business.  It can also be used for other recurring services besides VoIP.

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Compliance as a Service 

Are you confident that you are charging and collecting all the appropriate taxes from your clients?

Compliance as a Service provides the licensing and registrations required as well as the accrual of taxes to be submitted to the appropriate authorities.

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Revenue Assurance 

Are you sure you are billing all the seats you have assigned for your customers to use?

AMOP Revenue Assurance cross checks the billing platform and the VoIP platform to identify and manage variances between actual seats used versus seats being billed. If you don’t manage your revenue, you are missing it. 

Proven Process

Our Proven Process exemplifies the entire journey a client experiences when working with us. It’s our process that has proven over and over again to provide consistent, predictable results.

Proven Process